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Multiple windows on the desktop. For me, this is real  multi-tasking, because it allows you to literally see many activities at once with only sometimes pheripheral vision alerting you to changes on-screen.

Full desktop browser experience. Why there is no Chrome in Android? I missed having to interact with a full webpage like how it was designed and not some mobile, trimmed own version of it.User-agent are workarounds and will never be faster than a native desktop browser.

Shutdown and Startup times. It feels good that a tablet can bring you up and running  in no time. App launch times are also  faster (well depending on apps that is).

Explorer. It’s nice to be organized in the old -fashioned folder structure way, but it feels more natural that data is stored in the right places and accessed by apps directly from these places without  you having to organized them manually. Of course a file explorer is still handy to manage personal files from external storager.

What I missed when I started using a tablet?


Blogging on 30000 feet is no fun…

… when you don’t have a keyboard, that is, and you are using a tablet. What else can you use on  a long flight and not worry about battery life or reducing your screen brightness to squeeze some more juice out of it. I was using my tablet awhile ago to watch a movie ( i brought 3 titles with me just to be sure i had enough selection). It was going well at first except that I did not bring my headset, so all the dialogues were just drowned out by the noise of the plane’s engines ( budget airlines, close to the back). Of course, had my earphoes on, but for some reason, the noise outside was really creeping into. Talk about noise cancellation, I needed it now! And then, the pilot turned on the fasten-your-seat-belts sign and watching movie now makes me nauseous. So what else to do? I decided to use this time to challenge my tablet to a blogging session using its keyboard dock. And here we are. I can only imagine how difficult it is to type on on-screen keyboard with the plane shaking. But I also cannot imagine someone crazy as I am to do just that at this condition… 🙂

Asus EEE Pad Transformer Indeed… a bit late but should be a worthy review…

Finally, after almost 2 weeks of using my new Asus EEE Pad Transformer, i have finished downloading the WordPress app from Android Market and now ready to add my thoughts on the matter.
After several trips to the electronics store and several hours of going back and forth, swiping screens, and taking sample pictures, i decided to finally buy the Asus EEE Pad Transformer. I can define 3 major reasons, namely: Honeycomb integration, functionality and battery life as the main deciding points. Let me elaborate more.

Honeycomb integration. I find Asus (and I have to add Xoom’s ) Honeycomb’s implementation much more smoother than the one made by Samsung. For some reasons, swiping across screens is much more instantaeous in Asus’ and Motorola’s tablets.  Also the widget’s placement is not so overwhelming and remains true to stock. Even the application drawer feels much laggy in Samsung. After using Asus for several weeks aready, i also found out by a quick trip to the mall that the notifications bar of Asus is just on a comfortable size right down the corner, but the one from Samsung occupies already half the width of the screen. With bigger fonts also, i think it is overwhelming especially when more notification messages are placed in there after installing apps, receiving emails and sorts. Over all Asus has also less bloatware, aside from the cloud storage apps which can be useful for at least a year. It falls in the minimalist side rather than the overly done UI of Samsung which I think really slows down the interaction with Honeycomb alot.
Functionality. I have to admit that the keyboard is really a differentiating factor here. I mean, all Honeycomb tablets are looking the same, acting the same and supporting the same stock interfaces. With most of the tablets also having the same internal specs (Tegra 2, 1GB RAM, the same screen resolution), in theory they should then be able to run the same apps in almost the same performance. Some have higher megapixels camera, that is nice, if you want to really use it alot without looking funny holding a tablet while taking a photo or video. But altogether most tablets can take front and back photos/videos so aside from resolution, they are quiet the same in this category. So what makes Asus standout? It is the capability to use a keyboard when browsing, editing, searching, blogging, in short, when you need it the most. You now have in fact 3 levels of interaction with the device, the traditional keys, the traditional trackpad ( add to that multi-touch which allows you to swipe screens by using two fingers) and lastly by touching the screen. All together in one neat docking configuration, no need to buy extra bluetooth keyboards that needs to be recharged and worrying about that it should match the color of your tablet’s casing. It’s simplicity and functionality in one setting.
Battery Life. This is where the keyboard adds more value, by providing additional 6 hrs of charge instead of adding to the power drain. I have used the tablet already for 3 days (2 days without keyboard + 1 day docked) and that is really amazing.  I would not mind the extra weight because to me power and uninterrupted usage when you are travelling, moving around, reading e-books while at the coffee table are the most important aspects of having a tablet.
And the quirks…
Like most things, it will not always be perfect. So here are the short list of issues I have with this tablet:
1. Average camera pictures, most often grainy and muddy with little detail (Ipad2 is not better here as well so it is just fair, only Tab10.1 does really good here).
2. HDMI to DVI does not work so I cannot mirror my tablet to my old computer monitor. But of course, no issues with mirroring to an LCD tv.
3. Right-Click = Back is an annoying change for the trackpad buttons and mind you, this is extended also to the bluetooth mouse or usb mouse. I really do not understand the logic here, so this can use some getting used to.
4. A bit on the heavy side. But otherwise translates to robust feel when holding.

So my next project is to use this for at  least 6 months as a laptop replacement for media consumption, web browsing, e-book reading, travel companion. Of course I have my work laptop as my backup in case i need more intensive apps (e.g. programming, document processing, photo editing). On to the tablet bandwagon then…

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Asus EEE Transformer or Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

Still cannot decide which tablet to get for myself this holiday season. I feel i deserve to get one already because i often find myself either squinting at web pages on my mobile or overextending my back while doing key presses on my notebook. Perhaps it is time to just sit down, and hold a gadget like a magazine or a book, that is, without strain.

I have the following on my list… an Asus 3E Transformer or a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. Nope, no Ipad2. That’s right. Although i have to admit i really admire the UI, i still really feel there is not much i can do with the system unless i have it jailbroken, which then violates its very design. So for now, better to cross it out in my list. Besides, i would also like to build around a Google-isk digital ecosystem.

Both offer the same hardware specs, at least, minus the LED flash from the 3E and minus the sd card expansion support in the Tab. Both have the same OS, but i find the Touchwiz a bit clunky in the Tab than the one put up by Asus (i forgot the name)… But what differentiates between the two the most is the dockable keyboard with sd card, extra battery, and all. Of course i can buy a bluetooth keyboard for the Tab, but then its a drainer. The dockable keyboard for 3E adds 6 hours more juice, albeit for the same additional price.

Speaking of price, well, the Wifi-only 3E is way cheaper than the 3G Tab, that is a given. Do i need 3G? Nice to have but not essential, i can also tether my Milestone’s internet when needed.

So which one should i choose then? …  if anyone can bring some nice insights here, he or she is surely welcome.. if not, then i’d have to rely on my on-the-spot impulse when faced with the two at the mall this weekend…:)

Hello world!

a can of beer, laptop on a coffee table, and right hand on the mouse wheel… 30 minutes later, this blog site was born…first click and i still have to think of the first entry here… most of the time it is easier to click the mouse and read rather than put it aside and do some keystrokes and more…