Multiple windows on the desktop. For me, this is real  multi-tasking, because it allows you to literally see many activities at once with only sometimes pheripheral vision alerting you to changes on-screen.

Full desktop browser experience. Why there is no Chrome in Android? I missed having to interact with a full webpage like how it was designed and not some mobile, trimmed own version of it.User-agent are workarounds and will never be faster than a native desktop browser.

Shutdown and Startup times. It feels good that a tablet can bring you up and running  in no time. App launch times are also  faster (well depending on apps that is).

Explorer. It’s nice to be organized in the old -fashioned folder structure way, but it feels more natural that data is stored in the right places and accessed by apps directly from these places without  you having to organized them manually. Of course a file explorer is still handy to manage personal files from external storager.

What I missed when I started using a tablet?


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