Blogging on 30000 feet is no fun…

… when you don’t have a keyboard, that is, and you are using a tablet. What else can you use on  a long flight and not worry about battery life or reducing your screen brightness to squeeze some more juice out of it. I was using my tablet awhile ago to watch a movie ( i brought 3 titles with me just to be sure i had enough selection). It was going well at first except that I did not bring my headset, so all the dialogues were just drowned out by the noise of the plane’s engines ( budget airlines, close to the back). Of course, had my earphoes on, but for some reason, the noise outside was really creeping into. Talk about noise cancellation, I needed it now! And then, the pilot turned on the fasten-your-seat-belts sign and watching movie now makes me nauseous. So what else to do? I decided to use this time to challenge my tablet to a blogging session using its keyboard dock. And here we are. I can only imagine how difficult it is to type on on-screen keyboard with the plane shaking. But I also cannot imagine someone crazy as I am to do just that at this condition… 🙂


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