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Asus EEE Transformer or Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

Still cannot decide which tablet to get for myself this holiday season. I feel i deserve to get one already because i often find myself either squinting at web pages on my mobile or overextending my back while doing key presses on my notebook. Perhaps it is time to just sit down, and hold a gadget like a magazine or a book, that is, without strain.

I have the following on my list… an Asus 3E Transformer or a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. Nope, no Ipad2. That’s right. Although i have to admit i really admire the UI, i still really feel there is not much i can do with the system unless i have it jailbroken, which then violates its very design. So for now, better to cross it out in my list. Besides, i would also like to build around a Google-isk digital ecosystem.

Both offer the same hardware specs, at least, minus the LED flash from the 3E and minus the sd card expansion support in the Tab. Both have the same OS, but i find the Touchwiz a bit clunky in the Tab than the one put up by Asus (i forgot the name)… But what differentiates between the two the most is the dockable keyboard with sd card, extra battery, and all. Of course i can buy a bluetooth keyboard for the Tab, but then its a drainer. The dockable keyboard for 3E adds 6 hours more juice, albeit for the same additional price.

Speaking of price, well, the Wifi-only 3E is way cheaper than the 3G Tab, that is a given. Do i need 3G? Nice to have but not essential, i can also tether my Milestone’s internet when needed.

So which one should i choose then? … ┬áif anyone can bring some nice insights here, he or she is surely welcome.. if not, then i’d have to rely on my on-the-spot impulse when faced with the two at the mall this weekend…:)


Hello world!

a can of beer, laptop on a coffee table, and right hand on the mouse wheel… 30 minutes later, this blog site was born…first click and i still have to think of the first entry here… most of the time it is easier to click the mouse and read rather than put it aside and do some keystrokes and more…